As the New Year has now arrived, you probably have new goals in mind and chances are at least one of them is fitness related.

Are you looking to begin a new fitness routine or change it up a bit? Many times, we simply do not know where to begin. If you need accountability to physically show up, variety in your workout or help with movement technique, group classes, and the fitness community at Alliance Fitness Center is the perfect match for you.

If you take any of our group fitness classes, you will quickly see the fun, friendly community – most of whom became friends because they attended AFC classes. You will meet people and make new friends just by attending classes, and they will hold you accountable to showing up and putting in the work.

Group Fitness Reading PA

Something we are proud of at Alliance Fitness Center is our variety of classes and instructors. When it comes to classes, you can hit up one of our keystone classes: a strength-mobility Kinstretch class, a slower-paced strength-based Strong class, a higher-intensity Shred class, or a powerful boxing Strike class. No class is ever the same and each of our instructors adds their own flare to their class style. And we often change it up and throw Step, TRX, or Barre onto the schedule too.

Each different type of class comes with the opportunity to learn the correct technique and form from our certified instructors. We want to make sure you are comfortable doing the exercises safely and correctly, to get the most out of class.

While you are contemplating how to execute your New Year’s resolution, focus on a process-oriented goal like attending some AFC group fitness classes. The first one is always on us!

*Safety Disclaimer: Photos were from classes held prior to the 2020 pandemic.

Group Fitness Reading PA