When it comes to fitness, working out in a group setting can boost motivation and get you excited to exercise!

Are you ready to take the challenge? Alliance has plenty of options to keep you in shape while perfecting your form & of course, having tons of FUN! So, let’s chat about group fitness classes!

My favorite class is Strong… why do you ask? Well, because it makes me feel strong! I am proud to say I can stack my arms with groceries and unload in only 2 trips from the car (lots of groceries, a family of 5!), many thanks to lifting the heavy weights at the gym! And the added benefits such as gaining bone density, maintaining a healthy weight (or helping with weight loss), and boosting metabolism are all major pros to Strong class.

My second favorite is Strike because it’s a great stress reliever! And shhhh, I won’t tell anyone who you are imagining on that bag when you throw that power cross! Strike combines high-intensity interval training with boxing techniques, so you can get in shape while learning a skill with elements of speed, balance, endurance & strength.

And of course, there is Shred! I’ll be honest, even as an instructor of these group fitness classes, Shred sometimes scares me, but it feels so good to sweat it out! I like to add this to my routine about 2x a week where I get my heart rate up, interval-style!  Our Shred is styled like a high-intensity interval training, cardiovascular exercise strategy where we alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. It will push you to work harder than you thought possible and you will feel so accomplished by the end of class. 

Ahhh, and then there’s Kinstretch! We often joke that the word “stretch” shouldn’t be included in the name because this class is much more than “just stretching.” It is a joint-focused class designed to develop maximum body control, flexibility & useable ranges of motion. Kinstretch will work you in crazy ways you wouldn’t expect, but there’s also something about being able to keep my mobility as I age that makes me love it… maybe dreaming of moving like JLO and Shakira at last year’s Super Bowl because those hips don’t lie!

Which class sounds the best to you? Check out our schedule & sign up today!

If you’re new to AFC, your first class is on us! Just contact us for more info and we’ll get you all set.