Summer is the season of crawling out of the darkness of winter and enjoying the sunshine! And it generally involves shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, and wishing you had started making changes before the temperature hit 70 degrees.

I get it and I feel your frustration. I’ve had those same feelings of wishing I had done more, questioning why I couldn’t find the time to go for (bundled up) walks, lift weights, or prep some better-choice foods/meals. That answer might be because you have a family that keeps you busy, or because you don’t like the cold, or because of seasonal depression, or because you just felt overwhelmed by all the things you “should do” to better your health.

Well, winter is in the past and summer is here, so let’s focus on what we can start doing right now. But what that WON’T be is the quick fix. We aren’t going to starve ourselves or pop the latest diet pill or kill ourselves sweaty in the gym. Because those things aren’t healthy, sustainable, or life-enriching.

We’re going to start with something easy and the choice is yours as to what you start with…


  • Increase non-exercise movement: take your dog for a walk or add in a walk during your lunchbreak, stand at your desk, play ball with your kids, use the stairs vs the elevator, park farther away than your normal spot, etc.


  • Eat protein & veggies: fill most of your plate with protein/veggies & eat them first before adding in fruits, rices, potatoes, & pastas; don’t overeat just to finish your plate either!


  • Lift weights: we are losing muscle mass & bone density as we age so it’s time to fight back by lifting heavy things like dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machines, etc.


  • Drink more water: drink half your weight in ounces of water per day, especially as it gets warmer out; electrolytes are also very important if you sweat a lot.

  • Sleep more: you’re probably not getting enough & rest is important for body recovery & lowering cortisol levels; even an extra 15 minutes will help!

Pick ONE of those tasks and work on it for 1-2 weeks before either progressing that one or adding in a second one. Trust me, you’re busy enough with all your summer activities that I want you to be successful with one change at a time.

If you read all that and you still don’t know where to start, or it feels confusing, or motivation is hard to come by… reach out to us at AFC. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction to start playing the long game to see health improvements that will last well beyond a 21 Day Fix.