Meet the Team

We have a fun and friendly group of trainers and staff who take pride in our fitness community and welcome every new face who walks in our doors. Our expertise, encouragement, service, and quest to assure you good health are benefits we proudly acknowledge.

Sarah Small


Collin McGee

Fitness Director

Sarah Showalter Alliance Fitness Center

Sarah Showalter

Personal Trainer

Jessica Grosch

Personal Trainer

Faith Elliott

Nutrition Coach / Personal Trainer

Claire Farrar Alliance Fitness Center

Claire Farrar

Nutrition Coach / Personal Trainer

Nate Taylor Alliance Fitness Center

Nate Taylor

Massage Therapist / Personal Trainer

Luke MacDonald Alliance Fitness Center

Cody Schmidt

Personal Trainer

Luke MacDonald Alliance Fitness Center

Elyse Rosania

Personal Trainer

Jennifer Engelbert Alliance Fitness Center

Jennifer Engelbert

Group Exercise Instructor

Irene Marcy

Irene Marcy

Group Exercise Instructor

Kathi Gassert Alliance Fitness Center

Kathi Gassert

Front Desk Supervisor

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I’ve been a part of many gym’s in the past, and I have never received the individualized attention and support that I receive from the staff and trainers at AFC. All of the group fitness classes make you feel like the trainer is working with you individually. They are supportive towards your goals and try to push you to be stronger than you thought you could be.
The gym focuses on building strength for a better body. The staff is encouraging and helps you to see the bigger picture of fitness (keeping your body healthy and not focusing on the scale).
Kristin Waldrop

AFC has been a game changer for my overall health. Between Personal Training with Faith and the MyZone challenges, I have been motivated and accountable for my fitness progress. Trainers are not only knowledgeable but actually care about their clients and make a genuine effort to know them. I no longer am a slave to the scale, but measure my success by how I feel, inside and out. Thanks AFC!
Andrea Sledge

The trainers are seriously professional with their clients’ wellness as their #1 priority.
Ann McGee

Alliance Fitness Center

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